What I Learned - Flying with a Broken Wing by Laura Best

This book is an absolute contender for future classic status...beautiful, heart-wrenching, classic & timeless.

What I Learned:

There's no worse feeling in the world than feeling you don't have a voice, that you're not being heard and ultimately that you don't matter - infuriating for anyone. 
Always remember to keep telling yourself that you are worth something - even when others don't seem to notice.  This works the other way too, make sure you tell the people that are important to you how much you value them to help them believe their own worth.
Wow!  It's true that the imperfection on some our memories get rubbed away with time, and the memories we hear from our families are often a "glossed over" version.
I think we've all felt like this at one time or another - life would be so much easier if we could just get into other people's heads - especially to know if they mean what they are saying or if they are just telling you what they thi…

What I Learned - Her Book Boyfriend by K R Grace

Lovely written High-School tale about a self confessed "geek girl" and her journey to find the perfect "Book Boyfriend" to take her to prom!

What I Learned:
I might have to steal this and start referring to Amazon as my "dealer"!  Any book-aholic knows we work for our books, no matter how many we have in our to be read pile there is always space for more new "friends" 
I think it's really important for us to teach our daughters to be their own hero and not to wait for someone to come and save them! 
 This quote spoke to me because it describes my daughter perfectly, and she has been this way ever since she was a toddler!
Love this - yet another empowering quote for our teenage girls!  Always be you!  People will love me for it, trust me! 
I hope my daughter grows up with this instilled in her too!  There's no point regretting anything!  It's happened, so move on and love living your life! 
Anything nasty that is said in your directio…

What I Learned - Edinburgh Twilight by Carole Lawrence

Really enjoyed this book!  Not my usual genre, a murder mystery set in olde worlde Edinburgh, but the characters were gorgeous, and the descriptions of Edinburgh were amazing!

What I Learned:
Love this quote - even now it's a good summary of the kind of city Edinburgh is - I'm going to have to order this book! 
I would add avid readers to writers & policemen too! 
I hadn't thought about this before but this is so true, and actually this is how crime novels unravel too. 
This is one of the best descriptions of Scottish weather I have ever read. 
 I spent some time in Edinburgh a few weeks ago and this is still true today - we saw people rough sleeping in the graveyard around the corner from some of the most expensive properties in Edinburgh.  It really upset me.
This is a great way for anyone to view their future, with nothing but hope and optimism. 
Time is always moving forward, we can't do anything at all about the past other than learn from it and move forward w…


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